yes i made it im going to be a voice actor for Soul eater ABRIGED! i cant wait to start work on it! to check it going to this channel! cant wait for it to start!

Im going to be a voice actor now

Becoming a voice actor

2012-05-03 04:29:20 by Mapleluigi14

so ya i want to be a voice actor so if you need a male voice actor who can do random voices then im your voice actor! i have done some voice acting in the past but never made it on to video >.< so yup in free wean im down with my school work and free on weekends but not Sunday im busy on sundays! so if you need a voice actor fast in here for ya! Until then Stay classy NewGrounds!

Ideas any one?

2012-01-15 18:03:55 by Mapleluigi14

ok so i want to know if any one has any ideas for videos/games i should make if you have one plz tell me *has 1 idea in mind* but ya

holy crap got flash

2011-07-27 20:11:16 by Mapleluigi14

ok so this is my 1st post and i got flash just today! so some time soon i will make flash video with maplestory guys and make them a bit good! but still i hope you love them and if you want to see some of my work then go to My youtube channle or check out maplemadniss for some stuff i did with my buds!